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Full WordPress design & support

Building and maintaining a website for your business or side hustle is challenging. There’s a lot that goes into an online presence beyond the design aesthetics. My goal is to help support local small business owners, entrepreneurs, and weekend warriors with their WordPress + online needs. I stand on almost a decade of web hosting experience not only building, managing, but also troubleshooting anything tech. All clients receive full transparency in both work and process. Teacher at heart, it’s awesome helping others learn. Just like many of you, who are grinding it out in 2022 – this is a “side hustle” which I am very passionate about.

Previous Projects.

Running Coach, DelanceyLoopers.com
Assisted Living Facility, DignityCare.co
Artist/Musician, theonlyjordang.com
Youth Sports Training, Actsportstraining.com
Appliance Repair, Northshoresappliancerepair.com
Therapy & Counseling, Aorrtherapy.com

WordPress Design


1 Page Design

Standard Design


E-Commerce, event/ticketing, calendar, booking, blog, music, MLS, and more!

Advanced features & functionality.

Various selection of WordPress themes both industry specific and eye catching.

Responsive Design.

Showcase each of your upcoming events in full detail with our beautifully designed and easily adaptable event single pages.

hosting experience

Both certified + experience & training with WordPress

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Brand identity should be memorable & separates you from the competition.

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